Jewelry/Keepsake Box

Above is an example of a small wooden box made from Purpleheart, Padauk, and Maple. For more information on the woods I use, see the wood page.



Market Schedule


Wooden Art from Sustainable Wood

Knot Now Woodworking, takes great pride in making sure that the wood we use comes from dealers who are active in the conservation of the world's woods and rain forests. We make sure that our dealers buy from sources that participate in certified, sustainable-yield forestry projects around the globe. These programs ensure that all of us will always have an ample supply of hardwoods as well as thriving forests.

In addition, we partner with a local custom furniture maker, Bradshaw Design and use their cut-offs for many of our projects. Though these pieces are too small for them to use, they are perfect the small items we specialize in. Their waste is our treasure.

We also make use of reclaimed wood from Habitat for Humanity. For example, our trivets are made from reclaimed oak cabinet doors. Other reclaimed wood includes Cherry and Maple.

Meet Larry

Larry Schumer began crafting objects out of wood several years ago. Though he'd been working with wood all his life, mostly in construction, the smell of fresh sawdust was in his blood. One day, when he found himself without a construction-type project to work on, he started to think small. He wondered, "If I can build a wall, can I build a jewelry box?"

Well, after a few false starts, things began to fall (actually glue) together. As a matter of course, he discovered that building a wall and building a box have nothing (but wood) in common (and even the wood isn't the same). The tools, too, now required a level of precision not needed for general construction. In the end, after much experimentation and purchasing of equipment, another woodworker was born.

Eventually, Larry acquired a room full of little boxes, trivets, and other items he'd made. Though they made nice gifts, he began searching for other outlets for his creations. As a test to see if other people thought his work was as cool as he did, he donated several boxes to an annual BMW motorcycle rally's silent auction. It turned out that the boxes created a lot of excitement, were extremely popular, and drew lots of bids—an artist was born. Now Larry sells at local farmer's markets, seasonal boutiques, and art fairs around the Salt Lake City area. See below for information on where he'll be showing his hand-crafted items next.

Pet Urns now available

Our Pet Urns are now available exclusively through the Salt Lake area store Pet Wants ( . Visit their store for a selection of hand-made wooden urns. They are located at 9486 S. 700 E (in the South-West corner of the Union Square shopping center).

2019 Selling Events in the Salt Lake City Area

  • All Summer: Liberty Park Farmer's Market: From June 7 to October 4, (4 PM to Sunset). I will be there most Fridays, including: Aug 2, Aug16, Aug 30, Sept 6, Sept 20, and Sept 27. Check back here for changes to my schedule in case something comes up.
  • Made in Utah Festival: This year the Made in Utah Festival is two days!! Come see us on Saturday, August 24 and 25th at the Gateway. Click here for more info.
  • Festa Italiana (Italian Festival): Saturday, and Sunday (September 14 and 15) at the Gateway Mall (downtown SLC. Click here for details.
  • Greek Orthodox Church Holiday Boutique: Saturday, November 9 (10:00 am to 4:00 pm). New location this year: 9201 S. 1300 E., in Sandy.

2018 Selling Events in the Salt Lake City Area

  • Over-Small Business Saturday Market at Studio 4: Saturday, Nov 24, 2018, 10am to 3:30pm (Randy Laub Photography Studio, 3474 S 2300 E. SLC, behind Roots Cafe).
  • Over-Jewish Community Center Hanukkah Market: November 11 (12:00 pm to 5:00 pm). Located at 2 North Medical Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84113 (across from the University of Utah Medical Center). Click HERE for more info.
  • Over-Greek Orthodox Church Holiday Boutique: November 17 (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) at the St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church in Cottonwood Heights, (3015 East Creek Road).
  • Over-On-going: Liberty Park Farmer's Market: From June 8 to October 5, (4 PM to Sunset). I will be there most Fridays. I will NOT be there Sept 21.
  • Over-Festa Italiana (Italian Festival): Saturday, and Sunday (September 15 and 16) at the Gateway Mall (downtown SLC. Click here for details.
  • Over-Made in Utah Festival: Saturday, August 25th, Noon to 8 PM at the Gateway. Click here for more info.
  • Over-Craft Lake City DYI Festival: Friday, August 10, 5 PM to 10 PM, Saturday, August 11, noon to 10 PM, and Sunday, August 12, noon to 7 PM. Located at the at the Gallivan Center (downtown SLC). Click here for details.
  • Over-Mother's Day Gift Market at Trolley Square: Friday, May 11th, 4 PM to 8 PM and Saturday, May 12th, 12 PM to 8 PM.
  • Over-Valentine's Day Pop-Up Market at Studio 4: Sunday, Feb 4 and 11, 2018, 10am to 3:30pm (Randy Laub Photography Studio, 3474 S 2300 E. SLC).
  • Cancelled-Valentine's Gift Market at Trolley Square: Sorry, just found out that this market has been cancelled. We're still hoping that they have the Mother's Day market. I keep this section of my Web page updated as I find out more.

For additional information on these events, contact us.

If you're interested in purchasing something you see on this web site and you're not in the Salt Lake City area, contact Larry (see the contact us page) and I'll let you know what's available and pricing. We can send you a complete set of photos so you'll know exactly what you're getting.